How will the crowdfunder be organised?

How will the crowd funder be organised?

I want to get the word out there and garner some interest to facilitate a successful crowdfunding campaign - or at least give it half a chance of success.

The purpose of the campaign would be twofold:

  • validate sufficient interest in riban modular as a product
  • raise funding to facilitate tooling-up for production

So the first stage is to create some buzz which you can help with by promoting the website and forum and evangelising the product.

Whilst this is happening I will be creating the campaign materials, e.g. video, audio, copy, etc. so that there is a good presentation of the features.

The actual campaign still needs to be designed and any help and advice is appreciated. I expect it will run on one of the main crowdfunding platforms for a few weeks, hopefully before Christmas. The main offerings will be the system itself, Brain and various panels with the option to make smaller benevolent donations.

There may be early bird rewards such as discounted devices and bundles.

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I’m not an expert in crowdfunding but I’ve studied it a bit in the context of board games. One thing I’ve repeatedly heard from project creators is that crowd funding platforms are poor means of marketing. Discoverability is generally low (perhaps less bad in music hardware compared to the over saturated board games space?) so best practice is to build up and engage an audience and backers previous to campaign launch such that you are fairly confident you can hit the goal in the first few hours. Most projects that don’t fund within 48 hours or so never reach their goal. It is unfortunately much more work than it typically appears.

I think you’ve got a good start sharing this on the zynthian forums, having a website and mailing list etc.

Anyway perhaps that’s obvious stuff but I couldn’t help but comment as I think this is a great idea and I hope it succeeds!

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Hi @ssj71! Good to see you here.

Yes - I totally agree that a crowdfunding campaign would only be successful if it was properly promoted before it started. I am reconsidering whether such a campaign would be beneficial. If there is insufficient buzz then it is a waste of time and building that interest may take some time.

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